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Headquartered in Houston and proudly extending our reach through our offices in San Pedro Garza Garcia, MX., we specialize in propelling your business forward with top-tier remote services.

We deliver excellence through customized hiring solutions, meticulously recruiting top human talent to ensure high-quality service delivery and fostering a diverse workforce. We prioritize people and building lasting relationships.
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As a lawyer looking to hire international, multilingual assistants for my firm, I struggled to find proficient English-speakers who could seamlessly integrate with my team despite the challenges of remote work. Motivated to overcome these challenges, I meticulously developed an approach to interviewing and evaluating international applicants.

After finding a successful strategy, we launched Regents Remote Services, dedicated to connecting businesses with these exceptional professionals.

Jason Melton, Esq.
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We take pride in facilitating smooth, international hiring

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We build a comfortable
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We build a comfortable
work environment

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